Sonntag, 6. März 2011

A did-you-know-post about.. snowdrops

Did you know that:

  • ... in Latin they are named Galanthus?

    It's from Greek Gála (=milk) and ánthos (=blossom) The German name is Schneeglöckchen (= Little Snowbell). Other German names (seldom used but I like them) are: Milchblume (= Milkflower), Weiße Jungfrau (= White Virgin) and Hübsches Februar-Mädchen (= Pretty February Girl).

  • ... they are originally from Europe?

    There are so many flowers which came from other continents that sometimes it seems that no flowers really are from here.

  • ... there are about 500 cultivars of snowdrops?

    There are some people collecting snowdrops and paying high prices for one bulb of a rare kind!

  • ... Galantamine, which is an alkaloid from snowdrops, is used against dementia/Alzheimer's Disease and other memory impairments?

    They are not only pretty they are miraculous!

I just love Snowdrops!!

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