Montag, 13. Juni 2011

One Song - One World: Ue O Muite Aruko (Sukiyaki)

Today we will start our trip in Japan - and first of all:

Kind regards to each and everyone in Japan who was affected by the earthquake - and what followed afterwards.

The song I am presenting to you today was also used to cheer up the Japanese people this year - so let's have a quick look at all those famous (and very good looking if I may say so) Japanese people singing our song for today:

Ok. - You heard the song? Good. Let's start:

So, we're in Japan. And it's the early 60s - 1963 to be specific.

Most of you may know this song - it is really, really famous (but hey! - that's the cause why this series is called One Song - One World, isn't it?)

Here you can see Kyu Sakamoko singing the Japanese hit UE O MUITE ARUKO (上を向いて歩こう) (= I shall walk looking up) in a very stylish 60s music video :

For international use it became SUKIYAKI.

It's a love song - from a man's view - I don't think that it has anyhing to do with the food..

I especially love this line... - well, it goes something like:

"When I walk, I do it with holding my head up high - so it's harder for the tears to run down my face."

Well, let me put it this way: Awww.. - No kidding: I love that. Obviously not a happy love song.

Of course there is an English version:

While the English version's video is giving this song kind of a "he is going to slaughter her" meaning (well, it could be me..) - the German version's lyrics is more of a "memory of a holiday fling"-kind.

Though in this video here all is changed into a woman's view, there are several German versions sung by men and in man's view - but I thought it would be nice to have a lady here, too. - So, Yvonne Carré - if you please?:

And of course there is an Italian version sung by Claudio Villa - a bit more jazz in it, hm?

- and my favourite video - with actor Josef Zíma and his oh-so-cute smile and a "I-am-too-late-for-this-show-but-I-am-finally-here" - hairstyle.

It's in Czech - in case you wonder which language you're going to hear..

So - enough music?

Maybe you want to eat now - here is how to make Sukiyaki:

So, bye-bye!

or - as I am the hostess here - :


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