Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

Cat Thursday

This meme is hosted by The True Book Adicct

Actually I have posted my cat picture of the week here. (yeah - Mina again..)

But I want to post this too - because this cat made me laugh so many times and I want to share that: (LOOK AT HIS PAWS!!! ISN'T HE THE CUTEST GUY?? AGAIN: HAVE YOU NOTICED HIS PAWS??)

Maybe I am a bit overtop - you know: today I saw two hares - and they were bigger than my cats..

I can't help it: I love Maru. :")

Have a lovely week! And our kindest redards to you and all your feline friends! ;")


  1. I thought the first video was so funny and then I watched the second one! I was rolling with laughter. That kitty sure is obsessed with boxes and getting inside things. And he's so cute and chubby. Adorable!

    Thanks for sharing!