Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

Cat Thursday

This is a meme hosted by Michelle @ The True Book Addict.

Ha! As if! I have chosen this picture because I now know, that this is a cat faking unskilfulness:

Tuesday night I was half asleep when I heard a strange chafing sound some where in the dark and then followed a rastling - and suddenly it smelled like fish in my flat.

So - what do you think did my sweet girl Mina do?

Yes, indeed. She thought it was time for a Midnight party! And opened a fish packing (like this in the picture) by herself.

That's it: No more Enid Blyton for my cats. And now their food is for sure not available for them anymore..

There is a word in German which means someone has a sweet tooth - we say that this person is a Naschkatze (a mix of "eat titbits" = naschen and "cat" = Katze) and that's exactly what Mina is. She loves titbits. (Anyhow she is so light that I once was worried - but the vet said it's all okay - she is a lightweight.)

(This picture is called "Naschkatzen" it's by Rudolf Epp.)

So, kindest regards from

Miss Lucy, Miss Mina and Fräulein Irene Palfy


  1. How cute that kitty is! Reminds me of my 2 white ones....

  2. Yes, true...they do not need thumbs. Alice's Temptations kitty treats come in pouches like this and she always manages to get into them if I leave them out. I have to hide them now. Sounds like Mina and Alice are two clever cats. I'm sure there are many others out there too!

    Love the Epp painting!

    Thank you for joining me each week for Cat Thursday! Yesterday was the one year anniversary for the meme, if you missed my special post.