Sonntag, 29. April 2012

Meet me on Monday (9)

This is part of a meme hosted by Java @ NEVER GROWING OLD 

Here are the Questions:

1.  Tomorrow I am _________

2.  When is your birthday?

3.  What are you currently excited about? 

4.  Do you have any secrets?

5.  What do you normally eat for lunch?

1. Tomorrow I am..

.. spending some time with a friend who visits me. 

2. When is your birthday?

In September

3. What are you currently excited about?

..uhm.. nothing really.. But I am looking forward for a nice hot cup of really dark coffee for I am a bit tired.. oh.. well - and maybe I will be visiting the US of A next year.. 

4. Do you have any secrets? 


5. What do you normally eat for lunch?

A slice of bread (yes, I like "dry bread") - and two cups of coffee

Thank you very much for visiting!

Have a great start into your week!


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