Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

Fringe and things

I love fringe. And that's that. And I love my vintage cateye sun glasses - not the time to wear it now but I got to mention it. When I bought it the seller made a joke and told me it was from Elizabeht Taylor's inheritance. Yeah, sure. Would be great, because Elizabeth Taylor is wonderful - and one of my favourite style icons - but I am happy that she is alive right now.
(Oh - yes: that photo shows me and my sun glasses - for all of you who were thinking about that.)

Currently I am reading Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL AND OTHER CHRISTMAS WRITINGS again - and my copy is most disgusting: It has an awful smell which sickens me so that I actually got cold sore. (That happens sometimes to me when I am really nauseated.)

At last the 2nd season of TV series MAD MEN is released on DVD in Germany. So my weekend is stuffed with good looking people. ;") I could have watched this series ages ago - of course I could have bought the original version, but I like to watch this TV series with some friends. And I also like to lend it to my mother - and some of us enjoy to hear our own language. And then: since I was a kind I found that pleasant anticipation is more than half the fun. ;")
My favourite christmas song - as you may already know: I am an Eartha Kitt aficionada so no surprise in that, I guess- :

Have a marvellous sunday!

With all my love,
Frl. Irene

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