Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

In which I reveal that I am a grabby spinster going to be a cat lady and do not believe in ultimate people

When I came home this evening I suddenly was pitted against the most handsome male I ever (well lately) met. He seemed to be slightly confused so I reach out my hand to him. He lowered his face...

...and started to purr!

- yes this is another cat-story. ;") -

It was the most lovely tom. At the most 5 month old. White with black spots - and brown eyes. He was completely relaxed when I took him up and started to purr even louder. - well, yes I know little cats will do this to make adult cats know that everything is fine and they are no danger for them and they go on to do this adverse human beings - but still.. -

I quickly found out who of my neighbours were his landlord and landlady and brought him home. But there was this moment when I wished I could keep him. That is awful grabby - isn't it?

But - oviously - I am going to be a great cat lady! :") I love that the wikipedia article starts with this words: "A stereotypical cat lady is a woman, usually a spinster, who dotes upon her cat." err... yes. That may apply.
I won't ever hoard cats - because that would be cruelty to animals.
Did you know that there isn't even an equal word for cat lady in the German language?

Several days ago I bought the UK edition of Cosmopolitan - just because it said "UK edition". I am highly anglophile. Well - and because Katy Perry was on the cover.

I do not like her music - but I do lover her style.

Cosmopolitan is anouncing "Cosmopolitan's ultimate women awards 2010" which is completely absurd. Every year new ultimate women? Better versions of the last year's choice? Do you believe that there're "ultimate" people out there?

Nevertheless there are some women in there that I really like - ultimate or not :

Katy Perry - for her attitude and style.

Gemma Arterton, who I adored in some films and loved her style in ST.TRINIAN.

Christina Hendricks - I just love her.

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