Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

Lyrical Tuesday (4)

Yay! One of my favourite memes ever is back!! It is hosted @ Uniserve in Words by Juli Rahel (Thank you soo very, very much, love!!)

For those of you who don't know the meme - or don't remember the rules - here they are again:

  • Think of a song that has inspired you
  • Choose two sentences
  • Explain what they mean to you
  • Post a link to the song

So - here is my song for this week:

I AM A ROCK by Simon & Garfunkel (1966)

Now this song really means a lot to me. From time to time I suffer from really, really dark moods. Not the simple "I eat a bowl of icecream and life will smile again when I go to the gym to get rid of my sadness-fat"-kind. It's caused due to several certain "incidents" that happened to me when I was a child - and later on when I grew up. I don't talk too much about it - and actually I am very much aware that this isn't very interesting or special. And for sure I am not asking for your sympathy. I am just trying to explain what I AM A ROCK means to me and how I can relate to it.
This song is going along with me for several years now - actually since my childhood for my mother owned some of Simon & Garfunkel's albums.. I do by now, too - though mine are not vinyl.. 

Here is my first pick of a part of the song:

I've built walls,
A fortress deep and mighty, 
That none may penetrate.

Oh - and how I built walls!  In case you are a friend of mine on facebook you will be maybe aware that I very rarely post about myself. I post about films I watched, books I read or other things - but not about me - which means my personal life. Maybe you won't be aware: I guess most people are at facebook to post about themselves - not to read about others. 

Of course those walls of mine are not "unconquerable" - I just need some time until I really become friends with people and tell them about me. 

The following part (which is obviously more than a sentence.. sorry for straining the rules here.. nah.. not really..) says basically the same as the first but has this hiding behind books part - I "show" it to you because it shall fortify the first part:

I have my books
And my poetry to protect me; 
I am shielded in my armor,
Hiding in my room, safe within my womb.

The "real" second part I choose is the following:

I touch no one and no one touches me.

"I touch no one." - this besides the actual touching of a person means for me: no one is really needing me - my person does not really have an impact on others. Besides my cats that is. Though even they will carry on after I am gone. It will just mean some stress for a few weeks or months. This is at the same moment sad and consoling for me.

"... and no one touches me." - Have you heard about or even met these people who you do not really know but who put their hands on your arm/hand/leg when they talk to you? Maybe I am alone with this but: I really do not like that - esp. if I do not know the person.

I will add a third part

And a rock feels no pain - And an island never cries.

And that's actually something I wish for at some days. Everything I feel seems to be so overdone. It's either love or hate in my universe. There is no inbetween. And it changes very fast - not frequently - but when it changes it changes in a wink. It's eating me up while I am alive - and for that on my "dark days" I wish to have no feelings at all - because I am afraid that one day I won't be able to fight anymore. I am sure that I will be able as long as my cats are around though - they are my "raison d'être". Luckily the "bright days" outnumber that "dark moments". 

So that's what this song means to me. A song with a wonderful melody you may now want to hear actually.. So please - enjoy one of my most favourite songs ever:

(yes - I chose that video with this "This is probably my most neurotic song"sentence on purpose..)

Thank you very much for listening!


(not really untouched)


  1. Oooh love this song! Great choice :D Can't wait for what you choose next week ;)
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  2. That's great, Juli! Glad that you love this song, too! I am looking for your pick for next week, too!! :")