Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2010

In which I am freezing and thinking about meanings

A few minutes ago I was sitting in my petite bathtub and enjoying a book (Elizabeth Edmondson: Frozen Lake - what an awesome title for a december read, don't you think so, too?) - when suddenly the door opened an Mina came in, looked into my face and said: "Miaaarrrr". She glancend very portentous at me and walked out.

Well, and there I was: sitting in an awful draft, - my cat can OPEN a door, but CLOSING a door is MY job it seems.. - freezing with this prickling feeling of snowflakes on my skin - just to clearify: it did NOT snow in my bathroom, it just feeled that way - and racking my brains what she wanted to tell me..

I still don't know, but I guess it was something about that she is now sitting on her place on the couch, where she likes to be cuddled. ;")

Come to think of bathing, washing etc.:

I simply love children's shampoo! All these funny names like: Island Pirate, Strawberry Princess or Splish Splash Foam Dream. And these fragrances: Strawberry, melon or (my favourite) peach!

And what I love most of all is this little writing on them saying "NO (MORE) TEARS"!! Isn't that marvellous? It's like washing your hair with colourful anti-depressants - it's just like an old commercials when you're washing your hair and - pow - you're happy and all your problems are gone!

Oh - and I spotted this lovely Bathing beauty on The Gift Shop Oulton Broad (UK):
This lady is much to expensive for me - and not quite the figurine I fancy the most in this shop, but it seems that she fits exactely into this entry.. ;")

Another cute figurine of the same shop which fits into this post, too:

I got to confess that my cats didn't look exactly like this little fella when they went into my bathing water.. One time I was in the tub BEFORE my cat decided to join me.. Both of them only tried it once - on different days - and had me shocked & running after them with a giant towel and one time I was ... well ...- not dressed adequate.. ;"p

Gee - this time I was bubbling along myself! Okay with you? I hope so!

With all my love,
Frl. Irene


  1. Sounds like your cats love you bunches. Nice post. Hope things warm up more for you sweetie !!

  2. Hi, JANN!

    Oh, I hope that they do! It's quite warm now - that is in my living room. ;")

  3. Zane Swan blog back open, hope you visit soon again. Season's Greetings to a wonderful friend.

  4. I am very happy that I am able to visit Zane Swan again! I really enjoy it. :")