Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Three Things on Friday

I try to let you take a look into my mind - and start to present three things on Friday which concerned me that week.

1. the world is drowning. The high-water in Germany is actually ridiculous in comparison with the Australian or Brazilian problem.

This picture shows the Deutsche Eck (=German Corner) in Koblenz - my aunt lives in that town - at this point the river Mosel joins the Rhine. When you're standing on its cone end you can see, that the rivers have different colours - when you get granular on this picture you can see it, too - from home. ;")

The flags are the flags of the 16 Bundesländer (= federal states. Germany is made up of 16 states) and the German flag - it shall remind of the German unity - you can see them better on the following picture. Today the Deutsche Eck is - like many streets in Koblenz and many more German towns - under water:

Well, but this is almost nothing in comparison with Australia:

Queensland is so enourmos big (7x the UK!)- and now it is mostly under water!

Did you know that an ancestor of Queensland's Premier Anne Bligh was Captain Bligh from the Bounty? (- yes, the "Mounity on the Bounty"! ...- ) I don't know if that will help her, but I think she has a really hard job right now.

And Brazil!
This video makes me sad - the poor dog!!!

If I would loose my cats - I would jump into the floodsright behind them. - I don't think I would be able to save them - but I could not stand the feeling that I LOST them like that. I am always the living picture of guilty conscience because I think I could do more in so many ways - and this scenario would kill me.

I'd like to think that the dog from the video was rescued right behind the camera view.. Yes, I am going to believe that. That dog lives now a happy life. I won't discuss that.

And I cant even imagine how the families of the flood victims must be feeling right now! I learned that ca. 500 people died because of the flood!

2. German food is (again) poisoned - in eggs and chicken/pork meat from Germany dioxin is found. Dioxin is high toxic. It can cause cancer. Would you like the thought that your meal is going to kill you?

(source of picture: dpa)

I don't bother that much about me (I don't eat meat and the eggs I buy are from organic farming - so this time I am in luck.) - but I think that this is a completely outrageous situation. If it comes to foodstuff such thing must not happen. And, dear friends, this is happening in Germany (and the world I guess) way to often. There are even reports that it was NO ACCIDENT that the dioxin was mixed into the animal's food.

3. The shooting in Tuscon (Arizona), U.S. of A. where congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot through the head. The last week I concerned myself with the assassinations of John F. and Robert F. Kennedy. So this became creepy up-to-date.

So, - what made you tick this week?

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